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What are the requirements for Life in the UK Test Course?

You are required to pass a citizenship test as part of the application process to become a British citizen or permanent resident, demonstrating that you have a solid grasp of British culture and History. We will assist you in attaining this comprehension so that you may confront the examination with assurance. In addition, we will assist you in reserving your examination at an authorized LUK testing facility.

94% Passage Percentage

Were you aware that our pass rate stands at 94%? In fact, the Life in the UK Preparation course offered by LVC School of English ensures that nearly all students succeed in their examinations. We provide you with all the necessary information, as well as strategies for practicing and remembering data, including dates and names. In addition, practice exams are provided to you at the conclusion of every lesson.

"I would highly recommend the LVC Life in the UK Preparation Course; it was incredibly beneficial in facilitating my study process." They had instructed me on every topic that appeared on my examination at school; I was ecstatic!" —Silifatu, a former pupil.

Acquired Citizenship

Life in the United Kingdom Preparation Course, offered by LVC London School of English. It can be intimidating to memorize more than 1,400 facts for your exam, but we are here to assist you.

What is Course Segmentation?

The course was divided into five days. This is to ensure that every segment is straightforward to

comprehend and retain.

For example:

Days 1 – 3, Monday through Wednesday: British History, beginning with the earliest inhabitants 10,000 years ago and concluding with the Conservative-Liberal coalition government of 2010.

A Modern Thriving Society: Art, Culture, Sport, and Religion on Day Four, Thursday
UK law, government, and your place in society on Day 5 Friday

Daily, each lesson lasts for three hours. You are allotted ample time at the conclusion of each lesson to complete online practice exams. This portion of the course provides invaluable preparation for the actual examination.

How to complete Life in the UK Test Course?

Our method differs slightly from that of other schools. An engaging and visually stimulating presentation has been developed, comprising cartoons, images, and pictures.
This assists in recalling numerous dates and facts. In fact, the history curriculum is structured as if it were a single, lengthy account of Britain filled with fascinating people and events.

Upon completion of the Life in the UK preparatory course, you will attain the following:

  1. Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of British History, culture, law, and your societal role.
  2. A heightened proficiency in the English language.
  3. Familiarity with current facts, news, and facts pertaining to Life in the UK.
  4. An enhanced likelihood of passing the Life in the UK examination and securing citizenship or permanent residency.
  5. An improved ability to use the English language.
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