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Arrive and thrive in great britain 10 programs for migrants

Ernestina Narh wrote the #1 best selling book that will guide you through the right visa application and how you can join your partner, family, and friends in the UK.

Ernestina Narh has 19 years of expertise and practical experience in UK visas and Immigration. She practiced immigration law to help other nationalities reach their dreams of working in the UK, visiting, or even being with their loved ones in the UK.


Arrive and Thrive in Great Britain is our best-selling book that introduces readers to the concept of “having your immigration road-map”.

From visitor’s visa, fiance or spouse visa to British citizenship, work visa and business opportunities, author Ernestina Narh distills over a decade of real-world, on-the-ground experience. Chapters such as “Where to Begin Your Journey to the UK” make everything easy to understand. Sections like “Pathways to Immigration to the UK” delve into specifics. Moreover, chapters like “Finding Yourself in the Dark Moments” share how the author has assisted numerous clients based on her knowledge and experience as an immigration lawyer for over 19 years.

Arrive and Thrive in Great Britain is a must-read for any aspiring citizen who wants to start on the right foot coming to the UK.


Arrive and Thrive in Great Britain is our best-selling book that introduces readers to the concept of “having your immigration road-map”.



Embark on a journey to enhance your personal lifestyle in the vibrant setting of Great Britain.

Initiate your transformation with the exploration of a location-independent lifestyle, unraveling the intricacies of liberating yourself from your home country's constraints and overcoming common excuses. The focus extends to everyone who is trying to migrate to the UK and be with their family and love ones. Delve into the possibilities for singles, couples, and families to seamlessly transition overseas or embark your journey towards Citizenship.

This insightful book also addresses tactical considerations, such as acquiring the right visa tailored to your circumstances and navigate you through the requirements of each visas. You will gain invaluable insights into strategic living choices, including navigating the complexities of immigration law and embracing the diverse lifestyle enhancements awaiting you in Great Britain.


Numerous individuals find themselves burdened by excessive fees, particularly when navigating the visa application process, only to face refusals and the need for subsequent applications. This section of the book is devoted to guiding you on how to retain more of your money while effectively managing the intricacies of visa applications.

Gain the knowledge and strategies essential for successfully navigating the complexities of applying for the right visa. Learn the crucial requirements to support your application, ensuring that your submission aligns with the necessary standards. Recognise that improper applications resulting in refusals from the Home Office can lead to substantial financial losses, making it imperative to comprehend the right approach from the outset.

Equip yourself with the insights and tactics needed to navigate the visa application process effectively, minimising financial losses associated with refusals and re-applications. Learn the right way to apply for and secure the appropriate visa, ensuring a more streamlined and cost-effective journey to thrive in Great Britain.

STEP 3: Dealing with Delays, Refusals, and Appeals

To embark on the immigration process in the UK, it is crucial to comprehend the substantial paperwork involved. Navigating immigration is a complex undertaking, requiring meticulous organisation. While this may seem evident, it is not uncommon for clients to present incomplete documentation, disorganised files, or materials in formats not accepted by the government. Therefore, maintaining a thorough understanding of the location of your documents and ensuring you possess all required paperwork is paramount during meetings with your lawyer and throughout the application process.

This diligence extends to meeting deadlines and attending crucial appointments, such as biometric interviews with Home Office officials. The waiting period post-submission of a valid immigration application to the Home Office can be challenging. The anticipation for a decision, coupled with the uncertainty of success, may lead to anxious moments and sleepless nights. Despite eagerly awaiting a resolution within the standard time-frame outlined on the government's website, the reality often involves persistent delays, leaving applicants in a state of prolonged uncertainty.


This book has been crafted to compile our most valuable concepts regarding into a single volume. It is not intended as a step-by-step manual, but rather as a compilation of insights, remarks, and valuable lessons gleaned from Ernestina's 19 years of experience and expertise in immigration.Readers will find clarity in exploring Arrive and Thrive in Great Britain, dispelling common misunderstandings, and gaining an understanding of what is achievable in a visa application (and what is not) from someone who began with nothing. It is not meant to substitute personalised client services, nor does it disclose constantly changing specific details that would render it outdated every other week.


Arrive and Thrive in Great Britain provides you the 10 programs for migrants and understand the complexities of immigration.
The book discusses many specific topics, from one visa to another (and avoid), to specific requirements Andrew recommends for visa application. The book also provides context to situations that are usually discussed from a layman’s point of view, in order to give you the knowledge to make more informed decisions.That said, no book written for the general public can or should provide you with an immigration roadmap. The book is not intended as a substitute for high-cost legal immigration services that are tailored to you. For more information on our customised services, click here.
No; while the book discusses specific concepts and benefits, it is intended for anyone who wants to apply any visa going to the UK. That could mean diversifying your bank account into another currency, applying for a different passport, or simply dating people from other cultures.
The book is available in paperback and Kindle versions. While we do have plans to release an audiobook, it’s currently not for sale.